When Digging Deeper Isn’t The Answer

When Digging Deeper Isn’t The Answer

At Monarch Psychology, our approach focuses on digging deeper. To quote from our website:

“We treat people, not symptoms. We focus on finding and healing the cause of your symptoms, rather than focusing only on downstream symptoms, to support long-term change.”

We believe that many mental health disorders and diagnoses are reactions to underlying issues such as trauma, grief, or systematic oppression, rather than innate. While some mental health disorders are biological in nature and innate, for many people, symptoms develop as coping strategies in response to difficulty. If we address the underlying issue, we can address the need for those coping mechanisms.

While some cases of anxiety result from the factors mentioned above, in other cases, people are simply born with an anxious temperament or have innate anxiety for other reasons. In these cases, obsessively seeking for the root cause to address the anxiety may actually serve to reinforce the patterns of anxiety. And for those with panic disorder, it can increase fear of and hyper vigilance related to panic attacks. 

When we work with anxiety, we look for root causes. But, for some, the root cause may simply be the way you are wired. If this describes you, a better approach may be working to finding acceptance of anxiety and to co-exist with it, rather than trying to finding a solution to eliminate it entirely. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy may be particularly helpful for these folks. 

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Nicole Caines