Parenting is hard. We work with parents to help you navigate difficult experiences and stuck points. Your therapist will help to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate challenges and nurture your relationship with your child.

Many parents want to avoid repeating patterns from their own upbringing but are at a loss for what to do instead, or struggle to execute the parenting approach that aligns with their values and beliefs. Other parents are frustrated by the difficult behaviours that their children exhibit and are at a loss for how to address the behaviours. Others are distressed about children that seem walled off and won’t open up, or children that are suffering with mental health challenges.

Parents may attend alone or in pairs or groups. Your child does not need to be attending counselling to access this service.

What does parent support & coaching include?

Some of the issues we can support parents with include:
● Emotional regulation
● Behavioural issues
● Separation/divorce
● Peer conflict/bullying
● School pressure
● Lack of connection/conflict within the family
Grief and loss
● Sibling concerns

What to expect in parent support & coaching sessions

Our therapists are experts in child development, attachment, and behaviour management and can support you in feeling more empowered and fulfilled as a parent. In addition to helping you to understand your child’s behaviour, our therapists help you to identify practical, hands on, evidence based skills and tools.

The therapist’s job is, first and foremost, to create a safe space for you to honestly share your concerns and challenges around parenting. Your therapist will collaborate with you to clarify and understand the challenges you are facing with your child, and to build a plan to address these challenges head on.

Our hope is that you will leave parent support & coaching sessions feeling more empowered and equipped to navigate challenges and nurture your relationship with your child.

How to get started with parent support & coaching sessions

The process of reaching out for help can feel overwhelming. You may be experiencing fear, anxiety, or shame related to challenges around parenting. Monarch Psychology offers a welcoming, non-judgemental environment for parents and caregivers. Our parent support & coaching therapists are parents too and they understand how challenging it is to be a parent.

We offer parent support & coaching sessions both in-person and online, with a free 15-minute phone consultation to ensure a good fit with your therapist.

Our Parent Counselling Therapists

Amber Michele Shay
Anna Robertshaw
Natasha Thibodeau