While many people enjoy the connection that they find in the counselling room, some people may choose to pursue counselling online. There are many reasons people choose to pursue counselling online, including comfort, anxieties about being in an office space or leaving home, difficulties commuting, difficulties with energy or mobility, or simply convenience.

Any of our therapists can see clients across Alberta. In addition, our Psychologists are able to see clients in Nunavut via online counselling. 

Research suggests that online counselling can be equally effective as traditional, in-person counselling. All of our counselling services are available online, with the exception of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). Some clients also choose a hybrid model, doing some sessions in-person and some via video. 

We provide online counselling via a secure video platform that can be accessed via a laptop, PC, tablet,or phone. 

Our Online Counselling Therapists

Amber Michele Shay
Anna Robertshaw
Devany Benis
Monika Pakstas
Natasha Thibodeau
Nicole Caines