Understanding the evaluation process.

In order to ensure children are going to emotionally healthy homes, many adopting countries require a psychological evaluation as part of the adoption process. The evaluation focuses on the adopter’s capacity to integrate the child into his or her new environment and to meet his or her physical, psychological and social needs.

In completing a psych evaluation, we must issue a recommendation on an adopter’s parenting capacity and ability to meet the needs of a child who has not yet been identified. Thus, we must determine the adopter’s capacities and limits in caring for a child, as this capacity relates to mental health and psychological adjustment.

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frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisites?

In order to complete your psychological evaluation, you will need to finish your home study and have a copy of your home study for us to review. It is not advisable to complete your psychological assessment before you have completed your home study. While some psychologists will allow it, the assessment will cost much more as it will take much more time to complete.

What happens when we meet?

The beginning of the session(s) will include general fact gathering and a discussion of confidentiality. In a psychological evaluation, confidentiality will look different than in a counselling situation, as you are requesting a document to submit to other authorities and/or professionals for the purpose of adoption.


In the next phase of the session(s), we will discuss issues that are significant to you as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. You will also be asked about your mental health, past or present mental health issues, ways you may have addressed or are addressing mental health issues, and how you see any mental health issues affecting your ability to adopt and/or parent. You will also be asked about your childhood and family history.

Will I need to complete any tests?

Yes, each adoptive parent will be required to do some testing. This is not something you need to study for. It involves standardized personality tests that simply ask you to respond to questions. The exact tests you will be required to complete will depend on the requirements of the country from which you are adopting, as well as my impressions of the areas that should be assessed. While the idea of testing can create fear or anxiety, it may be helpful to remember that there is no perfect individual or parent.

How much does it cost?

The fee schedule for a Registered Psychologist, as laid out by the Psychologists Association of Alberta, is $200/hour. You will be invoiced for all sessions, testing, test interpretation, and report writing. The total cost varies based on the time spent on the assessment. For example, additional testing incurs an additional cost.

How long will I need to wait to get the report?

We will have the reports to you within 3-6 weeks of our final meeting.

What if English is not my first language?

Please notify us if this is the case. You may use an interpreter, however, you are responsible for arranging to have the interpreter attend the meeting and will incur any associated costs. Also, please note that reports will be provided in English and it will be your responsibility (or your agency’s responsibility) to have the report translated.